Founder of NFT Technologies and International Blockchain Consulting Group,

Mario Nawfal Sponsoring World Blockchain Expo

Mario Nawfal is the Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate of 15+ companies that operates in more than 40 countries.

Mario started his first business with $300 in the bank selling blenders door to door which led to Froothie AustraliaThrough unconventional marketing techniques, efficient logistical systems, and a team of global contractors, he propelled Froothie to $1m in year one and over $10m in year two, all bootstrapped. Since then Mario launched multiple ventures into the millions, all bootstrapped, including an events business, a FinTech consulting firm, a marketing agency, and numerous ecom businesses all while surviving a massive scam, various black swan events, and all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

He continues to launch new companies, he is also a partner at a law firm, and the founder of a VC fund. In 2020, Mario decided to begin documenting his journey and helping other entrepreneurs at no cost, all while traveling the world pursuing his hobby dancing Bachata. He also launched the world’s largest growth hacking agency,, and became a partner at

In 2021, Mario stepped up as CEO of NFT Technologies, one of the first companies focusing on NFTs going public, and has the ticker symbol NFT reserved in North America. They are backed by leading personalities in the crypto and business world, celebrities, and thought leaders.

This year, Mario has worked tirelessly to relaunch the Crypto Roundtable, born in Clubhouse and now being hosted in Twitter Spaces, bringing the top crypto entrepreneurs, developers, and celebrities to talk and share about many topics in the crypto, NFT, and Web3 industry, with over 50k listeners per week.